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    The Arena/ Outfit. info about the actual games.


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    The Arena/ Outfit. info about the actual games.

    Post  ~HopeForWingsToFlyAway~ on Mon Jul 25, 2011 11:54 pm

    Arena: (chosen by Jazz and Robin) (the weather is pretty cold and the season is fall) the main areas are the forest on one side, mountans on the other, and somewhere deep in the forest there is a swamp. but the water is murky and pretty much undrinkable- even when purified. but what the tributes dont know, is there is a stream running around the perimeter of the arena. holding clear water, fish, (an advantage to district four), and other animals who use it often to eat and drink. its as close to paradise as you can get in the arena. but beware, since all the tributes who know about it will camp there, be sure to find the competitors searching the stream for other tributes. In the mountains be careful not to bump into any mountain lions. they are very dangerous, and could possibly be mutated by the capitol. speaking of which there are mutt mosquitos that are highly posionous and deathly. one bite causes agonizing pain, and slowly kills you- unless you find the cure of course. which happens to be a rare kind of plant. the cornucopia is in the middle of the arena, and right between the forest and mountians, so you can pick which direction to go right when the 60 seconds are up and you grab your stuff. good luck! and may the odds be ever in your favor!!!

    Outfit: light brown shirt, black pants, dark brown jacket with a forest green hood. regular hiking boots that are good for both mountains and running through the forest. i advise you to try to keep the insides away from being soaked with water. because the material on the inside is specifically made to prevent frostbite, and when wet, it takes days to dry. which completely defeats the purpose. (just a heads up!)

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